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How is the car history checked?

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The chassis series (VIN), generally made up of 17 characters, can be easily found either on the car body or in its documents. Enter the chassis series in the dedicated field on our website.


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Our goal is to provide you with the best vehicle history reports on the market. We are constantly updating our databases, collecting and analyzing only information from the safest sources in the world.


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You will not only receive complete and reliable information on mileage, accidents, thefts, etc., but also on future proper maintenance advice. The more you know, the easier it is to decide what the next dream machine will be.                         

Useful information

The chassis or VIN series is a unique set consisting of 17 characters, which is assigned to each vehicle. The chassis series is the most reliable way to identify a particular vehicle, utility vehicle, bus, truck or even trailer. Manufacturers use custom chassis series to encode (or "attach") in this series certain important information about that vehicle. The most common practice is to encode in the chassis series the name of the manufacturer, model and technical specifications.

However, chassis series are also used by repair services and law enforcement authorities to record maintenance, technical inspection, damage, vehicle theft and more. This makes it possible to collect important data from the vehicle's history.

The chassis series can be found either on the vehicle body or in its documents.

The exact position of the chassis series plate differs from model to model, but it is normally located in the bottom right corner of the windscreen, in the engine compartment or at the bottom of the "B-pillar".

In some cases, the chassis series is engraved next to the spare wheel, on the floor beneath the driver's legs or even on the bonnet. Manufacturers usually place the chassis series in 2-3 different places.

You can confirm a series of chassis by checking the "E" field of the European Registration Certificate.

1. Enter the chassis series (VIN) in the dedicated field and press CHECK CAR.

2. Allow a few moments to analyze the results of the pre-check that summarizes the information for your chassis series.

3. Press REPORT BUY NOW and select your preferred payment method. We accept most credit cards and PayPal.

4. Pay securely online and view the report. You will also receive the report access link at the email address, so you will be able to access the report even after you exit the site page.

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